Current RFPs

Current RFPs

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Current RFPs

VPRA contracts with various parties to provide specific services. Please contact John Kostyniuk, VPRA Director of Procurement, at 804-339-2604 or [email protected] for additional questions and information.

(1) General Engineering Services, Passenger Rail Transportation Programs and Projects in Virginia RFP

RFP 1-000-22-0005 - GEC Bench

VPRA is requesting proposals from consultant firms to provide general engineering services for passenger rail transportation programs and projects in Virginia to be provided on an as-need basis. All requests for information and questions regarding this procurement should be directed to: John Kostyniuk, Director of Procurement, [email protected] Questions concerning this RFP must be received via email no later than: 10/10/2022 @ 5:00PM.

(2) Long Bridge Project Management Support Services RFP

RFP 1-001-22-002 - Long Bridge PMSS

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VPRA has issued the Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Long Bridge Project Management Support Services (PMSS) contract. This contract will be to augment VPRA staff in the delivery of the Long Bridge Project and will assist with construction procurement, design oversight, permitting, construction management, utility coordination, stakeholder management, quality oversight, scheduling, cost estimating, and other activities needed to support VPRA in the delivery of the project. Proposals are due by 2:00 PM Est, October 6, 2022. Please contact [email protected] for more information.