Potomac Creek Third Track

Potomac Creek Third Track will construct approximately 4 miles of third track in Stafford County between the Brooke and Fredericksburg stations.

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Project Summary

The Potomac Creek Third Track will improve passenger rail service through Stafford County by building a third railroad track between the Brooke Virginia Railway Express (VRE) station and the Fredericksburg station. The project will construct approximately four miles of third track near the Leeland Road VRE station. Infrastructure improvements will include reconstruction of the road bridge over the railroad at Leeland Road and a new railroad bridge over Harrell Road at Claiborne Run.


Map of Potomac Creek Third Track South (Siding A) Project

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Project FAQs Coming Soon! Check out the General FAQs to learn more about VPRA and the Transforming Rail in Virginia program.

What’s New?

Fall 20204 – Public Meeting, Stafford County, Date TBD

Project Stage

Current Stage – Engineering Design


Winter 2024 – 60% Design

Fall 2024 – Public and Stakeholder Outreach

Siding A without proposed Third TrackSiding A with proposed Third Track