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The Long Bridge Project will increase rail capacity over the Potomac River and add a new bicycle-pedestrian bridge between Arlington, Virginia and Washington, DC.

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The Long Bridge is a CSXT owned two-track, century-old bridge that spans the Potomac River in Washington, DC. The Long Bridge Project will increase rail traffic capacity, creating a four-track corridor, and constructing approximately 1.8 miles of improvements including seven rail bridges and pedestrian bridges over land and the Potomac River and related railroad infrastructure between Arlington, VA, and Washington, DC.

The Long Bridge Project will construct a new, two-track railroad bridge next to the existing Long Bridge, creating a four-track corridor. A new bike-pedestrian bridge also will be constructed as part of the mitigation to National Park Service (NPS) parkland and will span the Potomac River and George Washington Memorial Parkway, connecting Long Bridge Park directly to East and West Potomac Parks.

Freight and passenger rail operators within the project corridor include Amtrak, Virginia Railway Express (VRE) and CSXT. Annually, up to 1.3 million Amtrak passengers and 4.5 million VRE commuters traverse the current Long Bridge, which operates at 98% capacity during peak hours. The project’s purpose is to create greater railroad capacity between Virginia and the District of Columbia while alleviating the rail congestion caused by the existing two-track Long Bridge.


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View from Long Bridge Park, Arlington

View from Long Bridge Park, Arlington

View from East Potomac Park, DC

View from East Potomac Park, DC

View of Maine Avenue, DC

View of Maine Avenue, DC

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The Long Bridge Project will be delivered in two constructions packages: North Package, a Progressive Design-Build procurement that includes infrastructure improvements in Washington, DC and South Package, a Design-Build procurement, that will construct George Washington Parkway/Potomac River rail bridge and Potomac River bicycle-pedestrian bridge.

The North Package is one of the first significant construction contracts executed for the Transforming Rail in Virginia initiative. The South Package RFP will be released in February 2024.

The Progressive Design-Build contractor is Skanska/Flatiron Joint Venture (JV).


JMT and HNTB are Joint Venture partners.

Major Subcontractors include: